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Golden Acre's Little Miss Valentine


Meet our Little Miss Valentine, AKA Tilly.  Tilly came into the world as the little sister to eleven BUSTLING Brothers and is daughter to our Ruby.  Being the only girl, she of course stole our hearts and became part of the Golden Acre crew.  Tilly is a quiet, shy girl most of the time, except when she's not,,,lol  She will bellow a tune for 15 minutes to greet us when we come home, or to let us know she'd like another treat.  She loves swimming and ball and digging to her hearts content.  Tilly does not like to miss out on any fun, and will literally fall asleep sitting up.  She is our official cat napper. A quick nap with her cat buddy Kovu, and she is back to having fun on the farm. Tilly has completed all of her health testing following in her mother's steps of a long line of National and International Championship bloodlines, and amazing health clearances.  


- Penn Hip

- OFA Clearances

- OFA Elbows

- Heart

- Eyes

- Cleared of Genetic Diseases by parentage

- PRA 1 and PRA 2 Clear

- Ichthyosis Clear


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