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Nutrition is key to longevity, good health, and a long happy life… We’ve always counted our dogs as family. They bring so much joy and happiness to our lives, and feeding them a healthful diet, along with using as many natural remedies, free of toxins and chemicals is so important. I’ve complied a list of some natural remedies we use on a day to day basis, or that we have on hand incase something arises. I’ve also attached some good read articles to go along! 





We use this product starting in May and continue until the end of October.




Homemade bug spray…We use an assortment of safe essential oils, not all are created equally,be sure to use 100% pure essential oils. We prefer young living, or NOW oils (more affordable) 


  • Apple cider vinegar 

  • Lavendar 

  • Peppermint 

  • Cedar wood 

  • Lemongrass 

  • Citronella 

  • Distilled Water 

  • Neem Oil 

Heartworm check every 6 months. 


Don’t allow your dog to drink from standing water…


Heartworm Information:



Flea and Tick:


A healthy dog isn’t a good host for fleas and ticks, so by building a strong immune system, there is less chance of these pest becoming a problem for them. 

        Keep your dogs on their one a day NuVet vitamins, or a whole food, cold- pressed vitamin

  • Feed a whole food raw diet if possible, or good quality dog food. Try to incorporate some raw foods once daily.  

  • Avoid chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and toxic cleaners.

  • Minimize vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs.

  • Add finely diced fresh organic garlic to your dog’s meals every day. Allow it to sit for 10 minutes after dicing. Give a large dog up to 2 cloves a day. Smaller dogs can have up to 1 clove. 

  • Sprinkle food grade diatomaceous earth on your dog’s fur from his ears to his tail to dry out ticks and fleas. ( I have not tried these, but plan to this year) 



Immune Support:

NuVet Vitamins:




Motherboard: We are looking forward to trying this product when it comes back into stock!


Ester C: (also great for joint health)


Activated Charcoal:

This is my go to for upset stomach, loose stools, diarrhea, and if they got into something they shouldn’t have.


Other remedies for upset stomach, diarrhea, loose stools:

Pair with Vibatera Plus for overall immune booster


Apple cider vinegar: We put this in our dogs and puppies water daily.  It is also great for making flea and tick sprays!




Information on hot spots and treatments…we’ve never had a problem with them in our Goldens, but thought this is good information to have on hand.

Ear infections:



Joint health-


NuVet- Joint/

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