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Golden Acre Retreivers




      We are a small family breeder, located in Casco, Michigan. Our family is committed to raising healthy, well rounded, loving English Cream and American-Style Golden Retriever puppies.  It is our goal to provide our Golden families with the best from health, to nutrition, to temperament, and looks. All of our breeding dogs are health tested for hips, elbows, heart, eyes, and genetics.  We are committed to improving this  wonderful  breed. We believe nutrition is a big part of  good  health,  so we feed a holistic diet and use several natural remedies to keep our dogs immune systems strong and increase longevity. Some things we use are organic greens, cold pressed whole food  vitamins,(daily) brewers  yeast, and  apple cider vinegar as  needed. (look for a nutrition page coming soon) Our dogs live in our home and  are our pets first and foremost.  They enjoy swimming,  hiking, four-wheel rides, trips to the cabin, bonfires, or just snuggling and watching a good movie. Our puppies are raised in our home with lots of     love and socialization from day one. Our family's goal is to share with others the  joy of the golden companionship.  To us, Life is Golden!

Now Accepting Applications for Upcoming Litters. Visit our available puppies page for more info.


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AKC Registered

We are in the process of critiquing and making our website user friendly. Please feel free to contact us with any questions needing to be answered.

Contact Us

8426 Springborn Road Casco, Michigan

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